Why Is My Morkie Sneezing A lot?

How much is too much? The air in your home could be too dry, which is easily fixed by plugging in a humidifier in the room your Morkie sleeps or spends most of his time in. Morkies can also be sensitive to scents, such as perfumes, scented candles or cleaning supplies, so you may want to test out more mild fragrances for your bestie’s benefit.

Sneezing Dog. Via www.petmd.com

My Morkie Is Itching All The Time

Itching in your Morkie can be caused by many different reasons. First, observe the area your dog is scratching- Or if it is all over- just so you can start narrowing down the cause and begin your investigation. You can read this full article on itching Morkies here.

My Morkie Has Tear Stains!

Most Morkies do. This is a common problem with this breed, and there is a lot you can do to try and solve it, including simple daily wipes, diet changes, and different tear stain solution products. Click here to read the full article about getting rid of tear stains in Morkies.

There’s a solution. Tearing Dog Credit: Giphy.com

My Morkie Puppy Is Leaking Pee

This is completely normal with Morkie puppies, more common in females, but happens in both genders. Morkie puppies have very small bladders and when they get excited they can leak, especially before they’re housebroken. This will go away with time, as your puppy grows bigger.

My Morkie Dog / Puppy Is Shivering

Shivering or shaking is normal with small puppies of many breeds, which can happen to your Morkie when excited or unfamiliar situations, such as a car ride, can cause this too. Also, Morkies have thin hair, not fur, and if it gets very cold they will shiver since they aren’t as insulated. If your puppy
shivers for a few hours and looks overall disoriented, that might be a symptom of a food poisoning (such as eating chocolate). If your puppy is still small, we recommend taking them to an animal clinic or consulting a vet as soon as possible.

How To Stop My Morkie From Eating Their Poop?

A Morkie Sniffing Poop. Via vetknowledge.com

Poop eating is common with small dogs. To stop your Morkie from eating their own poop, you simply want to try adding a bit of pumpkin or pineapple to their meal. This will leave a scent in their poop that will make them stay away. If this doesn’t work, you might want to consider changing your Morkie’s diet, as your pup might be missing some minerals and vitamins, and simply are looking for more food (in this case their poop) that will hopefully contain those.

My Morkie Dog Gets Matted A lot

Morkies should be brushed at least once a day, if not twice. Finding the right brush might take some trial and error when trying to get your puppy to let you brush them. You want to find a brush your dog is comfortable with when you tackle their knots. If you are dressing your puppy up in different clothes, make sure to take those off often and brush, as they can create more tangles that will be hard to get rid of. Using a leave-in conditioner can also help maintain your Morkie in between grooming visits.

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