If fleas or ticks aren’t the sources of a dog’s scratch, the shampoo used on your pup is the likely culprit. The first thing you should know is the generic green stuff isn’t safe and usually stocked full of chemicals that can irritate your dog’s skin.

While Morkies aren’t prone to itchy skin or allergies, they can have reactions if bathed too frequently or with harsh soaps. Dry skin in Morkies can also occur if their bathing regimen is too frequent, since baths can wash away essential oils.

While different shampoos or conditioners are made for different fur/hair types, the properties of a Morkie’s coat is more similar to yours and mine, we still should not share our shampoo and conditioners with our pet as our skin types are different.

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Don’t Use Your Shampoo on your Pup!

First, find a brand such as Mane N’ Tail, that focus on longhaired breed issues, such as mats and tangles. The right shampoo can help when you need to tackle the mats find a specific variety of shampoo that can tackle the issues your pup’s skin might have, ones that contain oatmeal or coconut oil can combat itches or allergies that might cause tear stains or dandruff.

Yes, you can use it on your Morkie. Mane ‘n Tail

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Before bathing your Morkie, it is important to brush out all of the tangles and mats, as adding water in the mix might make their fine-haired knots even tighter, and closer to the skin. There are products that can help for stubborn mats that won’t give in to a comb or brush, try a water & alcohol-free detangler, such as Cowboy Magic® Detangler & Shine, which contains a silk protein that keeps Morkie’s long hair shiny, but not oily.

Could help with tangles. Cowboy Magic

After your pup has been treated with a safe shampoo and conditioner, ensure you rinse out all of the suds that can hide close to your pup’s skin. After bath time, towel dry your Morkie as much as you can, but follow this step up with a hair dryer on its lowest and coolest setting, while brushing your Morkie’s coat.

Remember, you and your Morkie should enjoy bath time, and consider the extra attention and time from you as a bonding experience, not an unpleasant chore.

For a list of the 10 BEST Morkie shampoos click here

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