Walking down the groomer’s isle at your local pet store can be just as intimidating as shopping for your girl friend’s tampons, or for your husband’s specific drill bit. There are a wide variety of brushes, some look familiar like a standard brush with silver bristles with little balls at the end to protect the skin (Pin Brush) while others look like a back scratcher or a generic metal comb. But each of them (like your husband’s drill bits) serves a different purpose at the groomers or in your home.

Brushing your Morkie in between visits to the groomer is just as important as the visit to the groomer itself. It gives the owner and dog time to bond, as well as improve the dog’s circulation, comfort, and cleanliness.

No Two Brushes are Created Equal

First, we have the De-shedding Tool, such as the FURminator, which Morkie owners won’t find much use for, as their pups aren’t prone to leave their coat in your home’s carpets and couches. This brush is able to reduce a pet’s shedding without damaging the dog’s topcoat. Utilizing this tool throughout the spring and summer months can keep your pet more comfortable as it separates their fur’s strands, allowing more airflow through their coat and lightens the load they’re carrying around, as well as preventing mats from developing.

Furminator Morkie Brush

a Furminator Morkie Brush. Credit: Amazon

Try a Simple Steel Comb

Then you have the Steel Combs that resemble a traditional comb, with the teeth far apart on one end, and closer together on the other. You can find these combs in different sizes and lengths, but the benefits are all the same. These combs allow you or your groomer to remove tangles, loose hair, and, of course, dirt and dust. Morkie owners may find this comb most valuable after an enthusiastic play date.

Morkie Comb

A Simple Steel Comb Might Work Best For Your Morkie

Groomers also use the lesser-known Flexible Dog Rake. This rake is fairly versatile in the sense that it removes dead, unwanted hair from the top and undercoat. The pins are the flexible part, the teeth are able to swivel to 360°, and the pins are attached by springs, which allow the brush to fit your pet’s physique. Overall this tool is designed to keep your pet comfortable throughout the grooming process, while removing dead hair from your Morkie’s coat.

Morkie Brush

a Flexible Dog Rake. What The Groomers Use

Best Morkie Brush: The Slicker Brush

Morkie Brush

Best For Morkies. a Slicker Brush

Lastly, you have the Slicker Brush. In addition to removing dead hair, this brush can remove tangles and mats if any have developed between visits to the groomer. This tool has also developed with technology; find a Self Cleaning Slicker Brush, which enables you or the groomer to clean dead hair from the brush with, literally, the click of a button. Just make sure you position the brush over a trash bin before you engage the brush.

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