Morkies = High Maintenance. And that includes grooming! A mix of Yorkie and Maltese, the Morkie’s coat grows long and fast and needs to be groomed and treated often. Here are some tips to help you groom your Morkie the right way, and help him always look his best! So how to groom a Morkie?

Start When They Are Little

Since grooming needs to be a part of their routine, it is important to start getting your Morkie used to this process early on. This principle of exposing your dog to things early is specifically important with grooming, as a blow dryer and a brush are 2 things that usually drive puppies crazy.

Brush! Brush! Brush!

Best Brush for Morkie Dogs

Brushing is probably the most routine thing you should do. Brush your Morkie often, at least a few times a week. Morkies have fine hair and it gets tangled. Make sure to brush regularly to avoid that. This simple dog grooming brush is recommended by most groomers.

Clean Around The Eyes

Morkies have sensitive eyes, and they tend to tear up on the regular. Try wiping the eyes area daily, to avoid tear marks and make sure hair hasn’t gotten stuck to the eye. A soft cloth and some warm water will do the trick. If your Morkie has tear stains, read this tutorial on how to remove them.

Use High-Quality Shampoos

Different people will tell you different things about how often you should wash your dog. We find it healthy to wash a Morkie every 2 weeks, as they usually live pampered clean lifestyles. Click here to look at our top 10 best Morkie shampoos. You will need one, as Morkies have very sensitive skin.

Visit The Groomer Once A Month

Try to pamper your Morkie and take it to a groomer about once a month to get a cut and a nail trim. This should keep their cut neat. A grooming salon can also bathe your Morkie for you, and it is usually very cheap. If your Morkie gets a lot of hair near his eyes and you feel that you need to trim that more often, ask your groomer to show you how to do that at home. For our tutorial on how to find the right groomer click here.

Trim Their Nails

We recommend that you get your Morkie’s nails trimmed at your pet’s monthly grooming appointment, their size might make it more difficult for you to do yourself at home, and you don’t want to accidentally injure them. However, with practice, you can be just as trusted with your Morkie as your groomer. 

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