Fleas love dogs – especially clean dogs – but dogs and their owners don’t love fleas. If you think your Morkie has a flea problem don’t brush the situation under the rug, or what was a small flea problem can turn into a major flea problem. A single female flea lays about 50 eggs a day, and assuming half of those eggs will turn female too – Just do the math. Fleas cause major discomfort in dogs, and Morkies can be highly sensitive to flea bites, which is the way fleas feed off of your pup.

How To Check Your Morkie For Fleas

Itching is obviously the first sign. If your pup is itching all over, move on to the next step. Check for red spots or bumps that are close to your pups ears and on their lower back. Those are the favorite spots for fleas to make camp. Go through your Morkie’s fur thoroughly. Divide the fur and get close to the skin. What you are looking for is little dark brown colored creatures. Fleas are sneaky and they will try to hide, so make sure you do a thorough inspection of your dog’s fur.

Use A Flea Comb

Flea Comb. Any Brand WIll Do

Use a flea comb and brush through your Morkie’s fur and see if you find anything. Again, look for tiny dark brown creatures that move fast. Make sure to go through the base of your Morkie’s ears, and their back.

Give Your Morkie A Bath

If you can’t find any fleas but still want to be sure, give your Morkie a bath, keeping the drain clogged. After bathing, if you find little dark spots floating in the water, those might be fleas.

I Think My Morkie Has Fleas. Now What?

First: Get Rid Of Your Morkie’s Fleas

Believe or not – Many Morkie owners just use their good ol’ – Are you ready? – Dish soap! Simply bathe your pup, scrub in the dish soap into your Morkie’s fur (keep away from their eyes though), and leave in for about 5 minutes. The dish soap will kill the fleas, and your little puppy will be happy and itch-free once again. When doing this, it is important to use ‘Dawn Dish Soap’ over other brands, as according to groomers, ‘Dawn’ is the only one that does its work, while being safe for your dog.

Second: Get Rid Of Fleas In Your House

The fleas came from somewhere, you know. And while it might not be from your house, you better be safe than sorry. To clean your house from any remaining fleas, simply clean your house! Sweep, mop and vacuum, and make sure to throw away the bag after you do. Also, wash or replace all of your pup’s bedding and clothes, as fleas love to hang around the fabric waiting for another chance to feed on your dog. 

Then: Use Products To Prevent Your Morkie From Getting Fleas Again

There are many dog products out there that offer an easy and clean solution for fleas. One product raved among small dog owners and vets alike is ‘Revolution’. This product is a once-a-month application, that promises to keep fleas and mites away from your Morkie.

There are many of other products out there as well, such as ‘Comfortis’, that also has some positive reviews. For more options, simply call your vet and consult with them, as they can prescribe oral medication for your pup.

Or: Try A More Techy Solution

Seresto Anti Fleas Collar.

If fleas are a constant issue with your Morkie, and you don’t want to use products or meds, you might want to look into getting a special collar to keep those fleas away from your pup. The most well-known one is ‘Seresto’, a special collar made for just that. Using active ingredients, it will keep fleas away from your Morkie, without making a mess or using a product.

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