Managing an anxious dog can be a handful. Many owners turn to “Thunder Shirts” to calm their pets during storms and using products like the ZenDog Anxiety Wrap from ZenPet. 

a Thundershirt. Could help your Morkie

So it isn’t uncommon, if a Morkie is accustomed to spending most of their time with their owner, they can develop separation anxiety.  Leaving your pet with a safe chew toy to keep them occupied in the owner’s absence can help prevent destructive behavior from occurring.  To prevent separation anxiety in Morkies there are different techniques owners can frequently practice in a Morkie’s youth. 

When Morkies are puppies, try to leave the house frequently for different lengths of time and leave them with something to play with or chew on.  Your pet will become more accustomed to your arrival and departure from the house, and they will begin to trust that you will return. Eventually, their behavior without their owners will develop into a mellow attitude that is less demanding for attention and entertainment.