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How To Find The Right Groomer For Your Morkie Dog

Your adorable little Morkie is high maintenance, and their soft locks aren’t any different, needing a grooming at least once a month.  For starters Morkies aren’t fur dogs, they’re hair dogs, making their hair more similar to your own! 

Morkies don’t shed, and their Maltese roots and human like hair causes it to grow fast, Making it easily tangled and uncomfortable.  Frequently brushing your Morkie and leave in conditioners can help keep your Morkie’s coat manageable in between visits to your groomer. But choosing the right groomer for your Morkie is also very important.

How to choose a groomer for your Morkie dog?

Having a trusted groomer that both you and your Morkie agree on is ideal for your Morkie’s experience, and it may take a few visits to different groomers to find the right one.

Search through Google, Yelp.com or their app and add in the appropriate filters for the mile radius you’re willing to commute for your pup’s cut, the closest might not always be the best.  While you’re on their site, research their customer rating and reviews.  Also, these breeds are often found out in the wild enjoying a meal on a restaurant’s patio with their owner. Take the opportunity to ask for a quick pet and ask the owner who pampers their pride & joy.  Prior to making your appointment, price shop. Most cuts cost about $30-$40, any cheaper and they may not be using the best products on your pup, or spending the time and attention you would hope you’re getting for your money. 

Ask the salon if they have someone who specializes in Maltese, Yorkie or other small breeds, they might pair you up with someone with more experience with them, since they’re such popular breeds.

What kind of relationship do you expect & want from your groomer?

Once you’ve selected your groomer come prepared to appraise their skills, after all you are a paying potential regular with your Morkie’s hair needing a trim every month.  Take into consideration their attitude and willingness to help their clients.  These are good indicators of how your experience down the road will be when you may need to utilize their professional opinion.  Groomers, like vets, come across all sorts of pets in their industry and become more knowledgeable in their field as they gain experience. 

Start building a connection with your groomer in the beginning by asking questions.  Ask if they will cut your Morkie’s nails or if you need to request the service? What kinds of products they use for extra dry skin? Or save some styles you like on your phone to share with your groomer, a good one will have some good ideas.

Going to the groomer should be an exciting and positive event for you and your Morkie, definitely not an uncomfortable chore. But, wait!  Before you and your styling sidekick pay and tip the groomer, don’t feel obligated to make the follow up appointment until you get your Morkie home. You’re little one’s excited to see you to show off their new do, and you won’t be able to get a good look at the groomer’s attention to detail, such as all of their nails until they’ve settle down back at home.

As mentioned, groomers are experienced professionals who can know a lot about their field, and you’ll have your groomer’s phone number in your contact list, choose one you feel is knowledgeable, trustworthy and will benefit your Morkie and you.

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