Potty Training Your Morkie Using Puppy Pads

Potty Training Your Morkie Using Puppy Pads

Why Use Puppy Pads When Potty Training Your Morkie?

Most small dog owners recommend the Puppy Pads as the way to go. Try placing a puppy pad in a place that’s convenient for both you and your puppy, And only give your puppy praises and treats if they ‘get it right’. 

What Are The Best Puppy Pads For My Morkie?

We recommend trying the ‘Amazon Basics’ puppy pads. They are affordable and would work good for your morkie. Another brand that is recommended by morkie owners is the ‘All Absorb’ puppy pads.

Best Morkie Puppy Pads

How To Get My Morkie To Use The Puppy Pads?

Be consistent. Morkies can take a while to potty train, or not if you get lucky. Try taking your Morkie to the pads every couple of hours, And pick a command in a tone you can repeat – For example: ‘Go Potty!’. This will not work instantly, so be patient. When they do go on the pads, Use lots of praises and immediately reward your Morkie with a treat. 

What If This Dosen’t Work?

There are a few things you can try. First, try using a Puppy Training Spray by spraying it on the pad. The spray’s scent will help your Morkie understand that they need to go on the pad. This method WORKS.

Morkie Potty Training Spray

Another thing you can try is this: If your Morkie went on the floor, take the a pad and soak in the pee to the pad. Yes, soak it. Leaving the pad in place with your dogs pee soaked into it will help the dog recognize their own scent, and will really increase your chances to get your Morkie to only go on the pads.

More On Using Commands When Potty Training A Morkie

If you catch your puppy going where they should not, Pick them up and firmly say ‘NO’. Try taking the puppy over to the Puppy Pad. If the puppy then goes there, use lots of praises and reward them with a treat. Pick another command to use when your Morkie gets is right, such as ‘Good Puppy!’, or ‘Good Job!’. Remember, dogs don’t understand your language – But they do understand your tone, so make sure you repeat the command with the same tone each time.

How Often Should I Change The Puppy Pads?

If they get messy then you obviously want to change them. Otherwise, you can leave one in place for a few days. It can actually help your Morkie if you leave the pee pads in place for a while, So they can get used to the spot by recognizing, well, the pee scent.

Should I Just Use One Puppy Pad Or A Few?

That depends. If your Morkie still goes in the house, They will most likely pick one or a few ‘Favorite’ spots. Try placing pads in those spots, And use a Training Spray on the pad to better help your Morkie understand that that’s where they need to go. If your puppy pick random spots, You can place a pad in each room and try that instead. We still recommend using the spray. It really does help.

Will My Morkie Start ‘Telling Me’ When They Need To Go?

Probably, yes. Morkies have a strong urge to make their owner happy, And also – a strong desire for treats and attention. Once potty trained, your Morkie will probably start letting you know when they are ready to be walked. They will do that by either 

What If My Morkie Puppy Is Potty Trained But Still Has Accidents?

That’s normal for this breed. Even an adult Morkie can sometimes have accidents, especially when they are exited about something.

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