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6 Easy Ways To Potty Train Your Morkie Dog (When Nothing Else Is Working)

Having trouble potty training your Morkie pup? Relax! Some Morkies can take months to potty train! The key really is PATIENCE and consistency. However, each puppy is different and some might take longer to Housebreak.

Ready? Let’s go over these 5 different creative options you might want to consider if you are having a hard time with potty training your Morkie.

1. Back To Basics

First, have you tried our 7 step potty training guide? If you haven’t yet, go check them out! If you have, let’s go over this checklist and make sure you haven’t missed anything:

  • Are you rewarding your Morkie with yummy treats that they love when they go outside / on a pad? (if you need treat ideas, click here!)
  • Are you giving them lots of praises when they get it right? That’s super important when potty training a Morkie, or else they just won’t know they are doing something wrong.
  • Are you using commands such as ‘Good Boy!’ when your Morkie goes on they right spot?
  • Are you letting them know that it’s wrong to go on the floor or the carpet?

If your answer to any of these questions was NO – Then maybe you should go over one of our basic training articles again. If you checked YES on all of these, Let’s move on.

2. Try Puppy Pads

Have you tried Puppy Pads? Puppy Pads are the favorite training method for most small dog owners. Try placing a pad in a specific spot around the house (Or the spot that seems to be your puppy’s favorite) and try using a Puppy Training Spray. It works. (Read our full guide for puppy pads training here)

3. Change Your Morkie’s Feeding Times

Morkies are small dogs, and have tiny stomaches and bladders. If you are away from home a lot, Or having trouble planning your morkie’s potty times, try changing their feeding times! An average small puppy can ‘Hold it in’ for about an hour per the months of their age – So if your puppy is 3 months old, they might only be able to go 3 hours without an accident. Try to better plan your puppy feeding times to avoid accidents around the house.

4. Use a Crate

If you are out most of the day, you might want to try using a crate for your Morkie when you are away from home. It might seem cruel to keep your pup in a ‘cage’, But your Morkie is a dog, not a human baby.

Leaving your Morkie puppy in a crate could be very helpful to you and the puppy while potty training. First, a dogs instinct is to not go potty where they eat, so by leaving your morkie in a crate with a bowl of food, you will encourage the puppy to wait until they can get out. And hey, if they do have an accident while you are gone – At least it won’t be on your carpet. Using the crate won’t be necessary forever, of course. Just until your Morkie is potty trained.

Which crate could work for your Morkie puppy? Actually, a small portable crate like this one could work just fine for a small pup. Wanna spoil your small pup? try a bigger crate like this one made by Amazon Basics. If you are looking for an outside solution or just have lots of extra room, you can try this huge foldable metal crate / playpen, and build an actual ‘room’ for you Morkie.

Amazon Basics Portable Dog Crate For Morkies

5. Try Grass Patches

This is a fairly new trend, but it might just work for you. If your dog is looking for grass when they want to go, or if you don’t want to use pads and just want to train your Morkie to go outside, using a grass patch might be a the thing to try.

Grass patches for training usually come in small squares, with real or fake grass. The one we would recommend to try is the ‘Fresh Patch’ – a disposable real grass square that was also featured on ‘Shark Tank’. They do offer an affordable monthly subscription, but you can order one here to just try it out first.

‘Fresh Ptach’ – a Disposable Grass Patch For Potty Training

6. Puppy Diapers

There are lots of creative ways to potty train your Morkie. Puppy diapers are one of those ways. Try putting your Morkie in a diaper when around the house, and only remove the diaper when outside. Your puppy will probably not like the feeling of a wet diaper, so they will learn to hold it in until they go outside. Sounds weird? Some Morkie owners swear by this method when traditional training failed.

Where Can I Buy Puppy Diapers For My Morkie?

Amazon! Where else? If you have a female Morkie, Try these ‘Paw Inspired’ disposable doggy diapers. For males try these ones by the same brand. Another option are these unisex reusable diapers by ‘Pet Magsin’

‘Paw Inspired’ Doggy DIapers For Small Dogs

7. Could It Be Anxiety?

It is possible. Moving, changing owners, or being left alone for long periods of time can potentially be traumatic for a small puppy. But don’t rush into conclusions, only a professional vet can tell you if your Morkie is showing signs of anxiety / depression. consult your local vet and hear what they have to say.

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