A common problem with Morkie puppies in the brown-like shade they get around their eyes, usually caused by tear stains. If you are experiencing this issue with your Morkie, you are not alone.

Getting rid of Morkie tear stains is a battle fought daily by many Morkie owners, and probably one of the most pricey ones as it usually takes trying a few different remedies before you find the right one for your Morkie dog. Here are the best solutions we found for removing, or preventing Morkies dogs from having tear stains around their eyes:

The Basics: Clean Around The Eyes Daily

This one is a must. Be sure to wipe your Morkie’s eyes area at least once or twice every day if you can. This would help to remove not only the brown shade and tear stains but also bacteria and unwanted germs hiding on his face.

What To Do?
Simply use a slightly warm, damp 
washcloth and carefully clean around their eyes daily.

Hair Is In The Way!

Cut Around The Eyes. A Morkie Dog Being Groomed

Many Morkies get their eyes irritated by hair that grew too long and is constantly irritating their eyes. As a result, your puppy can shed more tears and which leave stains when they dry.

What To Do?
Simply get a pair of doggy grooming scissors and cut the unwanted hair or consult your Morkie’s groomer. Watch our video tutorial here.

Filter Their Water

Try changing your Morkie’s water from tap to filtered, it’s a trick some groomers say with worth a shot. Also try using a metal, glass or a ceramic bowl – Not a plastic one (The plastic wears down over time and leaves toxins your pup is drinking).

Check Your Morkie’s Diet

Dog Food. Credit: IHeartDogs.com

It all comes back to your Morkie dog’s diet. Many Morkie owners claim that changing their Morkie’s diet to a grain free diet have solved many problems, including skin conditions, health issues, including, tear stains. Morkie owners attest to adding a little vinegar to their Morkies water or adding a bit of greek yogurt or coconut oil will help with tear stain problem.

What To Do?

Try a more natural, grain free diet for your pup. We recommend ‘Orijen’ as the best food brand for your Morkie. Also, avoid feeding your Morkie unhealthy snacks such as bacon or cheese.

What to feed your Morkie to Prevent Tear Stains?

If you want to try something natural to help your Morkie dog with their tear stain problem. Try adding a tablespoon of natural apple cider vinegar to your pup’s diet. Try using a little bit of coconut oil around your Morkie’s eyes, And try mixing some coconut oil with your Morkie’s food as well. Also, a small sprinkle of buttermilk powder to you Morkie’s diet can help too.

What To Do?

Natural apple cider vinegar: Add a tablespoon to your Morkie’s water bowl.

Coconut Oil: Use a small amount raw coconut oil on the tear stains. You can warm up the coconut oil first to make it more liquid, but your body temperature will melt it while you are applying it, just make sure it’s at a safe temperature to apply. You can also regularly add coconut oil to your Morkie’s food as well.

Buttermilk Powder: a teaspoon sprinkle should be enough with each meal.

Try A Tear Stain Solution

Products like ‘Tear Stain’ by NatureVet claim to help get rid of your Morkies tear stain problem. What we have found to work best is a product called ‘Angel Eyes’ which you can purchase here, that uses a natural formula that is soy and dye free and is easy to apply.

If none of the above helped to solve your Morkie tear stains problem, you might want to consult your groomer or vet. Do you have a home remedy or a solution that works for your Morkie and you want to share it? Please comment below.

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